Trust and Safety

The Brayenko team provides active support to all our members. We are constantly moderating content and profiles added to the platform. We are also easily reachable.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need a hand through our contact us page. Alternatively, you can get in touch by Email: or Phone: +233205037191 (during Ghana office hours: 9am - 5pm weekdays, 10am - 3pm Saturdays and public holidays  )

A few tips on staying safe

The Brayenko platform was built with your safety in mind, and here are some extra safety tips for organising your rideshare...

  1. Avoid giving your home address when arranging your pick-up point. In case of emergency, the driver’s contact number will be shared once a ride has been booked and payment made, but we will never share personal information such as your address.
  2. Make use of the secure messaging system on the BraYenko platform and only contact your rideshare driver on their shared contact number to discuss and finalise your journey arrangements.
  3. Some members choose to show each other their ID, e.g. Voter’s ID Card or Driving Licence. Whether you're a driver or a passenger, this helps you to confirm you're travelling with the right person.
  4. You are not obligated to offer or take a ride. If you are uncomfortable at any point, don’t go through with the journey, even if it has been agreed. Get in touch with us so we can make other arrangements for you.
  5. Always make sure your pick-up point is in a public place. Take a picture of the car and upload it to the BraYenko platform before getting in. Drivers are also advised to take a picture of the passenger and upload it to the site before setting off. These images will remain in our systems for 3 months before being permanently deleted.